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How Microsites Affect Your SEO

When you build SEO content, you might be faced with a question. Should I go for microsites? Adding a microsite in addition to the main website have several benefits as well as disadvantages.

Before you decide to integrate microsites to your SEO content, you should know some important things related to them. It will help you to understand whether you really need them or not.Webryze offers best Toronto search engine optimization consultant to help you with the best SEO tactics that will improve your website performance and rankings.


Before moving directly to pros and cons, you should familiarize yourself with microsites. A much formal definition of microsites says that such sites have a limited and more focused theme. They are considered as a separate entity when it comes to business sites. However, they do relate to bigger websites in one way or the other.

The functionalities and scope of microsites is quite limited while main sites have larger and scopes and functionalities. It can be said that a microsite is just a mere part of a larger main site.

Why Microsites

It mainly depends on the nature of business and its products whether a business should have a microsite or not. In some cases, microsites are considered good and useful for the cause of the organization.

For instance, if a business has a special event coming up, they might want to introduce a microsite dedicated to it. Similarly, if there is a product or brand parented by the company and new in the market, it may prosper more with a dedicated microsite for it.

To make it easier for you, here are some good reasons for integrating a microsite to your main site:

· Promote brands that haven’t popularized well enough

· Awareness campaigns about a certain brand

· Promoting new brands

· Launching new products and brands

· Creating customers database and subscriber list

To keep it short, a microsite is a good idea only if there is enough data available to make a new site. It is not a good practice to make a website without having ample amount of information on the page.

Microsites for SEO

Many website owners think that creating a microsite works in their favor because it can get them more traffic. The idea is to build a site that features a product or two which will attract a few customers. A link back to the main site will help the conversion rate. Well, it’s not a workable idea anymore. Your microsite should address to a purpose and should have a general description of your business so that customers don’t have to direct to any other pages.

Google’s algorithm keep on changing and they are smart enough to understand which websites look spam. Microsites just having keywords are therefore filtered out through these algorithms so you need to be smarter than that for better SEO rankings.

Why Not Microsites for SEO?

There are several reasons why not to create microsites. Some of them are given right below:

· Its time consuming to build more sites

· Optimization and formatting a small site takes more time which its quite not worthy of.

· More microsites suggest that your business is quite spread. SEO rankings are based on more comprehensive and compact content.


· Users like to read from one source rather than navigating to different sources.

Beginners' Guide to PPC and Paid Search

In this article we will try to cover all the different aspects and elements related to online searching. We come across words such as PPC, SERP, CPC, CPM, Paid search and many more. Search engine experts make it easier for starters to learn about the different elements attached to web surfing. Webryze has the best search engine marketing expert Canada. We shall see what they really mean but first and foremost, let’s see what paid search really is:

Paid search

You have the option to present your website on search engine result page. These are ads that appear at the top of the page. All you have to do is pay some amount for it to happen.

Paid search ads appear in the right of the page as well and sometimes in the shopping section too.

In the older days, these results were defined by a box. It didn’t work out well because searcher took it as just another annoying ad and ignored them. Banners and ads are no longer attractive and ignored most often than not.

When we talk about Search Engine Result Pages (SERP) we are talking about Google, Yahoo, Bing and others.There are various parameters that these search engines involve but it’s quite not relevant at this point of time so we will limit our discussion in this regards for now.

Importance of Paid Search

Advertising accounts for the majority of revenue generated by Google. It is either through AdWords on Search Engine Result Pages or through AdSense and other links such as YouTube etc. It has made Google some handsome amount of money in these years.

More than 80%, in fact close to 90% percent of Googles revenue in the first quarter of 2015 was generated through Ads.

To shorten the discussion, paid search, ads will always be a part of your SERPs and they are expected to flourish further because website and business consider it a good deal to pay for appearing on the SERPs.

If you feel it’s difficult to appear on the SERP, don’t lose hope. A little bit of key word knowledge and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy can help you appear on the first search result page.

Google AdWords

It is quite a common term these days so we thought it is important to elaborate at this point of time. It is quite a frequently term associated with paid search.

It works on the following principles:

· One can search for a few terms that searcher might commonly use at Google.

· Design an ad based on those words.

The search word appear in bold and you might find more than one companies offering the same services as asked by the searchers.

Is it necessary to use Paid Search?


It is not necessary to use paid search. You can rank highly through several unpaid means. It is also known as organic research. It mainly depends on the nature of your website so if you focus well on your website, it can be wonderful for your chances.

The Impact of Web Design Services to lure audience

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Websites should be created with the equal efforts and creativity like paintings. Though, technology takes the major share, but, creative skills and artistic extravaganza should be incorporated to make a unique and innovative website, responsible to drag visitors’ attention to the luring effect and compel them to become future clients.

Excellent companies having teams that offer creative website design services in Toronto are passionate about going out-of-the-box thinking and stuffing in thought-provoking material to entice the audience and form a solid fan based platform. If that’s your business website, finding that team of designers should be your first priority.

What are the top requirements for creating a one stop website?

Easily accessible design

This is the current trend that websites should be built smartly. Everything there should have a purpose. Unnecessary stuffing of images and videos is unwanted. Better, it should be planned after an in-depth research. The company you have hired for the Toronto web design service should research on the demographic and target audiences so that they can work accordingly- starting from planning the mock up layout, picking images, drawing the content line, etc. Another important thing that lure audiences and creates a deep impact on them is the fastest opening in real time. Make sure that the website built is not at all bulky; burdened with robust images and non-required content and other stuff. Following the trend of website design Toronto can be helpful.

This is the era of Apps. If your business have launched any new App, add the link and a brief description of the utility of the App to the Home Page. Linking it with Android or iOS Apple Store will be done by the developers.

Mobile friendly websites

Surviving in the era of the smartphones have become tougher and very much competitive. You must sit and discuss with the team members, offering you the website design services about making the website go mobile friendly.

It will be tough for you with a desktop friendly site to survive in this time, when the year is already predicted to be the year of smartphones. Therefore, keeping the old and only desktop friendly website of yours is nothing but stupidity. If you want to keep the same layout, font, color and everything, then at least make it responsive or recode it with HTML so that the site can be fit into the screen of any handy gadget whether a tablet, smartphones, etc.

Only Quality Content-

If you have hired the company offering the best quality website design services for building a user friendly website to lure your audiences- then also you need something more to add into the site for enjoying the best impact. This is content. If your site is full of only impressive images, videos and podcasts- somehow it will not take the position of what excellent quality content can do.

You need to hire a good content writing agency that can research and write alluring content. This will boost up your website and will help you to form a complete one, ready for your audiences. Make sure the content should be written with excellence, otherwise you may face increased bounce rate which is not a good news for any webmaster.